Lucifer Morningstar

Date of Birth

N/A (Age Ancient)




God (Creator)
Angels (Siblings)
Merrin Williams (Wife/Through Ignatius Perrish)

Supernatural Abilities

Same as Ig's


Treehouse of the Mind

Lucifer Morningstar, also known simply as Lucifer, the Devil or Satan, is a minor but significant character in Horns. He is a rebel archangel who turned away from God and fell from grace after seducing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, becoming a demon condemned to crawl the Earth like a snake for eternity. His name is Latin for "Light-Bringer," as he was the Angel of Light and once the most glorious of Heaven's angels.

He is the proprietor of the Treehouse of the Mind. In Horns, Ig Perrish becomes Lucifer and inherits his powers.